Lessons from Women in Tech | Telesoftas x Women Go Tech

Recently TeleSoftas has invited the young & aspiring #tech community to join a unique event in which top women experts together with Diana Česonytė, the programme manager at Women Go Tech, discussed in and outs of a career in the technology sector. With the opening of a brand new office, Telesoftas decided to do something what they do with such passion and joy: share knowledge with us and inspire to make a change. 

From women who are leaders in tech to ones ambitious to become ones – the event was a great opportunity to meet, network and get inspired by women around you. The knowledge-sharing event consisted of two parts: conference and workshops. The conference included a keynote by Gabija Šarkytė, Telesoftas STL on choosing the right career path, a fireside chat with Nancy Nemes, an expert in AI, a former leader at Google, Microsoft, as well as a panel between top female experts in Engineering, product management and leadership, moderated by Emilija Kučytė, Telesoftas Brand Manager. 

The conference was followed by specialised workshops in mobile, backend, frontend development, Project Management, Business Analysis, Soft Skill Management, QA and UX/UI at TeleSoftas New Vilnius Office in Vilnius Greenhall. These workshops were an excellent opportunity to dive deeper into a topic of your interest and learn from the leading tech experts. 

In the opening of the event, Algirdas Stonys, CEO @Telesoftas said: “It is all about Women in Tech!”. Women who have found the courage to pursue their dreams and change their career paths and themselves along the way. 

The event was full of practical and actionable career tips and tricks helping to navigate your tech career. The keynote presentation by Gabija Šarkytė was one of them. Gabija explored in-depth the art of career decision-making and shared her thoughts on how to make career decisions based on your capabilities and personality and not on other people’s views and expectations. As she said, we are constantly bombarded by career advice monsters – people who give us unsolicited advice on how we should approach our careers. Gabija listed some of the advice given by career advice monsters: 

– You just need to find your passion

– There is one best-suited career for you

– You should choose a career on what is currently “hot” in the market 

– Be patient – professional development is a simple linear process 

– Once you land your dream job, you will be happy

Sounds familiar? We bet you have heard some of them from your circle of friends or family. So why they are called career advice monsters? By their very nature, they are not bad or good, however, when we hear them constantly they take away our ownership and decision-making power from us. 

So what we should do instead? As Gabija presented later, there are more effective ways to think about your career that are far more productive and creative. For example:

+ There are many perfect careers for me 

+ Passion is good but purpose is better

+ I am choosing a career based on my talents and interests 

+ Professional development takes out of comfort zone 

+ I am happy with the progress towards becoming a person I want to be.

While building our career plan we have to look not only what we can do now but also what we want to learn in the future, what subjects interest us and what the potential growth areas are. We have to find ways to learn new things and learn them effectively.

While talking about adult learning, Gabija introduced the framework for professional development. It consists of three main pillars:

Heat – we need to experience potential risks and failures. Heat experiences are high-stress, high-stakes situations that afford massive learning potential. If harnessed well, heat accelerates learning, creating an opportunity for big leaps in how your people respond to uncertainty and complexity. 

Variety – we need to run experiments, shadow someone or have a mentor to learn effectively as adults. The variety of learning experiences shapes and deepens our knowledge of a subject.

Diversity – we have to work with different personalities as it builds our resilience. It impacts our listening skills and we become better team players. 

To sum up, we have to find ways to invent and re-invent ourselves. No matter at what stage of your career you currently are, change and constant learning are inevitable components of a fulfilling career! Good news – you are not alone, the thriving tech community of Telesoftas and Women Go Tech is here to encourage you to take the next step and grow with other like-minded people. 

And remember – it is not a job that makes us happy, it is the experience that helps us to grow.