Besides the mentorship programme, Women Go Tech is glad to be involved in projects with the like-minded organisations, which hold onto similar values and believe in the same vision. Working together, we are able to achieve a more global impact and this way to empower even more talents to discover tech.

Joining the forces across the Baltic Sea

The gender gap in the technology sector is a persistent challenge for the labour market and there is a gender equality issue in the Baltic Sea countries, with too few women choosing careers in the technology sector. A growing range of social initiatives are now being established to try to address this challenge; however, they are often fragmented. As a result, they lack the support or resources needed for collaborations and scale-ups. Therefore, the Women Go Tech mentorship programme, with the support by the Nordic Council of Ministers, has launched a project to identify grass-root social initiatives that are encouraging female participation in tech sector, with the aim to build a partnership network across the Baltic Sea Region. The project will help to share experience and knowledge across different organisations, to showcase good examples and  ultimately to scale-up such initiatives within and across countries in the Baltic Sea and Nordic Region.


Empowering Young Women for the Future of Jobs

Vaizdo rezultatas pagal užklausą „lietuvos junior achievement“Understanding that initiatives at micro level are needed to increase women participation in digital entrepreneurship, this fall Women Go Tech together with Junior Achievement Lithuania – the leading entrepreneurship education organisation in Lithuania has launched a joint project “Empowering Young Females for the Future of Jobs”.

Supported by the Coca-Cola Foundation, this project aims to connect our programme alumni – the role models who successfully stepped into tech – with the target group of female students, who at their teen years face important decisions to be made regarding their education and future career choices. Since one of the reasons behind the persisting gender inequality in the job market is attributed to the unconscious bias regarding the appropriate career paths for different genders, we aim to address this issue with the help of Women Go Tech alumni who follow highly diverse career paths. We hope that hearing the stories by these inspiring women, the young talents will be encouraged to follow their interests without being discouraged by any kind of stereotypes, as well as to develop curious mindset aimed at exploring different opportunities.


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