Empowering Talents to Discover Tech

„Women Go Tech“ – the first mentorship and tech content sessions programme in Lithuania dedicated to helping women start and accelerate their careers in IT and engineering sectors.

About us

“Women Go Tech” was launched by Association INFOBALT and World Economic Forum initiative Global Shapers Vilnius in 2016.

Our goal is to empower women to seek for professional careers within tech sector and to strengthen gender equality in the labour market as well as women leadership.

We envision to create 500 success stories of women in tech by the end of 2021, by helping them to:

Find a job in TECH

– Get promoted in TECH

The programme is supported by key TECH enterprises located in Lithuania as well as Lithuania TECH start-ups and has also gained international recognition across various global events.

Throughout the 4 seasons:
– Out of 420 programme alumni, 236 have already reached their goals within TECH.

– More than 200 mentors and experts have shared their knowledge.

– We have organized and attended over 100 events in Lithuania and abroad, reaching more than 5000 people.

Choose your tech track

There are 10 different tech tracks in the fifth season of Women Go Tech. Choose a career that you want to pursue and get help from your mentor and our community!

Mentors and experts

„Women Go Tech“ mentors and experts come from various tech backgrounds. Diversified by their fields of expertise, they are all united by the common vision and willingness to share their knowledge in order to help others successfully step into tech.


Persistent talent gap in tech industry requires multi-faceted initiatives globally to bring about change. “Women Go Tech” aims to empower more talents to discover tech by addressing the gender equality issue in this sector, where today women remain significantly underrepresented:

– In the EU, women constitute 17% of ICT specialists

– Only 14.8% of European start-ups are founded by females

– ICT is considered as an option for career only by 0.7% of female Lithuanian high-school students

Our approach

Through one-on-one mentoring sessions with industry experts, programme mentees are able to get guidance on clarifying their career paths and discover their professional potential. They also attend content sessions where they get familiar with the routines of working in tech. Actively involving our mentees to the community building activities, we aim to foster the cross-learning and experience sharing across the like-minded women. Learning from their like-minded peers, our community members gain additional motivation and support needed to strenghten their sense of belonging in the tech environment and to accelerate their progress towards their individual goals.



Launch of the applications

December – January

Selection process and interviews


Season #5 opening ceremony

February – July

Mentorship meetings and events


Closing conference “weGOtech”

Alumni stories

Our board

Žydrūnė Vitaitė

Head of Sales at Eldes

Co-founder of Women Go Tech

Jarūnė Preikšaitė

Head Of Marketing at OTC products

Women Go Tech Chairwoman

Jolanta Jurgaitytė

HR lead at MessageBird

Women Go Tech Board Member

Our staff

Ūla Pociūtė

Programme Director

Women Go Tech

Vaiva Mockutė

Communications Manager

Women Go Tech


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