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What are the jobs of the future?

Technologies have been changing our workplaces for quite a while now. Therefore, some of the roles are getting eliminated, while the others are just emerging and becoming highly demandable at a very rapid pace. These shifts in employment are precisely analyzed in a Jobs of the Future Index, invented and measured by the Center for […]

4 automotive trends: are self-driving cars hitting the road?

Automotive technology giants have a pretty exciting period right now: full vehicle automation isn’t a detail from sci-fi movies anymore, as new disruptive technologies are constantly showing up. Due to various innovations ongoing or planned, it wouldn’t be surprising that we’ll be sitting in self-driving cars quite soon. Development and production are very important aspects […]

Data analytics in banking: what’s so cool about it?

Data analytics is definitely a noticeable field nowadays: the demand for professionals there is high; also, many aspects of business development or tech disruptions are closely associated with data-driven solutions exactly. It may seem that data analytics is just another trendy buzzword in tech, yet this is so far from the truth. As banking and […]

Career in Online Payments: part 2 | Ieva Gražulevičiūtė, Backend Developer at Vinted

Complex, sensitive and challenging: these are the key accents that Ieva Gražulevičiūtė, Backend Developer at Vinted,  uses to describe the field of her occupation – Online Payments. Being extremely important today and, with no doubt, keeping its relevance in the future, the Payments industry attracts new tech talents rapidly. Ieva, also being a mentor at […]

Career in Online Payments: part 1 | Ernesta Karosaitė Mačiuitienė, Payments Product Manager at Vinted

Constantly evolving and full of challenges, though essential in digital processes and always in step with the new technology. The Online Payments industry stays on the driveway of rapid change and is surrounded by strict regulations, however, being able to master its operations and apply them in business is a great reward for someone who […]

Expectations for the candidates: what do you need to become a specialist at TransUnion?

Along with the significant growth of the technology industry, the number of open positions for various tech specialists in the market is also continuously increasing. However, even though the candidates have many vacancies to choose from, they don’t always get selected. Likewise, companies might have a huge demand for tech specialists but they precisely hunt […]