5 Reasons You Should Pursue a Career in IT Operations

This year Women Go Tech programme has a new tech track called IT Operations. IT Operations is an ideal tech track for women who want to work maintaining and supporting computer and information systems. If you are a problem-solver who also happens to have good communication skills, this career might be just for you!

So why should you think about a career in IT operations? We have listed the TOP 5 reasons for you:

#1 It is one of the most in-demand tech jobs!

IT Operations specialists are in very high demand. It is also one of the reasons why we have introduced this tech track to Women Go Tech programme this year – many IT companies are looking for IT operations specialists.

#2 You will improve your soft skills

Critical thinking, active listening, verbal communication and conflict resolution are some of the skills that will be used in the IT Operations job. These skills are critical for tech professionals and experts so it might be your chance to master them now!

#3 You do not need an IT degree

Maybe you are thinking of joining the tech but you are worried you do not have the technical skills? Fear not! You probably already have all the necessary skills that make a good IT operations specialist truly great!

#4 You do not need to learn to code

Coding skills are not required in the IT Operations track. So if coding or programming have stopped you from starting your career in tech – apply for IT operations track now!

#5 It is one of the best entry-level jobs to start your career in the tech

A career in IT Operations puts you in a prime position for a variety of IT jobs that you might want to pursue when you advance your professional path further.

Learn more about IT Operations track & apply for the Women Go Tech programme.